Children’s Memorial Redevelopment

Posted October 18, 2011

Video From September Town Hall Now Available

Below please find the recorded town hall video in its entirety. Or click here to view segments on our Youtube channel.

Children’s Memorial Hospital Economic Impact Study

Click here to view a PDF of the economic impact study done at the request of Children’s Memorial Hospital.


Dear Friend,

I have promised that the development process for the Children’s Memorial Hospital site will be transparent and data driven. This means we need to understand the impact Children’s has on the neighborhood today so we can compare it to the impact of any future proposal.

At our town hall meeting, Children’s Memorial Hospital introduced the  new developer, McCaffery Interests, and brought this information to you:

  • Over $1.5 million people go on the hospital property per year
  • Over 12,500 trucks make deliveries to the hospital
  • Over 1300 cars go in and out of garage each day (and it holds 900 cars)
  • Children’s baseline traffic study estimated that Children’s alone is responsible for 30% of the traffic around the site
  • Some of our local businesses, including popular neighborhood institutions, could loose between 7% and 50% of their business when the hospital leaves

We also reviewed the results of the HOK study, which you can find here.

I am requiring the developer to hold a series of community meetings to discuss tentative site plans and then revise those plans based on feedback.

Our timeline is as follows:

Children’s moves out June 9, 2012, and the site will be ready for demolition in the fall of 2012.  In order to allow proper construction planning we must aim to have a plan approved by City Council in late spring of 2012.  I will work very hard with all of you to ensure ample and complete community participation.

  • Scott Williamson

    From a neighborhood perspective, any development of the Children’s parcel should not have greater than a four or, with setback, five story presence along Orchard. I am not in favor of subsidized housing as part of the redevelopment. The site should be carved out of the Lincoln Elementary district.

  • Tim

    I feel all the historic buildings should be kept, the apartments should be market-rate and any new building should be similar in height to surrounding Mid-North neighborhood, especially on Orchard Street and Belden Ave. Any new building should match the style of the historic buildings, IMHO.

  • Jon

    Subsidized housing? In the middle of Lincoln Park? They’re seriously proposing that?

    That’s probably the fastest way to get what otherwise looks like a beautiful plan shot down by the CMH neighbors who don’t want to see their property values evaporate overnight.

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