Filming Notice: 2257 N Lincoln Ave (Greenhouse Theater)

Winter Road, LLC will be filming scenes for their new movie, THE CHRISTMAS GIFT, in our neighborhood Sunday, February, 12th through 14th. Filming will take place at Greenhouse Theater, 2257 N Lincoln Ave.

In order to park necessary vehicles and equipment for filming, streets will be posted with NO PARKING/TOW ZONE signs at the following times:

Sunday, February, 12th 6:00 PM to Tuesday, February, 14th 9:00 PM.

Both sides of N Lincoln Ave from 2269 N Lincoln Ave to 2233 N Lincoln Ave

As an additional courtesy if you could keep noise (i.e. instrument playing) to a minimum during the hours listed above that would be a huge benefit to our productions ability to work quickly and exit the premises without delay.



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