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Jan 14

Children’s Memorial Redevelopment Community Meeting

Tuesday, January 14th

DePaul Student Center
2250 N. Sheffield

Last year, I held up further review of any proposed development at the Children’s Memorial Hospital site in light of the overcrowding at Lincoln Elementary. I felt that it was irresponsible to move forward on a development that could increase the burden on Lincoln Elementary before resolving the overcrowding issue. Since we have now reached found a solution, I am immediately directing McCaffery Interests, the developer of the Children’s site, to prepare a plan that responds to the community’s concerns raised about their earlier plan, chief among them height and density. We have given them a deadline, January 14th, to bring new plans to the community and have scheduled a community meeting for the presentation of these plans. I hope you will join me on Tuesday, January 14th to review the plans and provide input.

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