Jerry Pritikin, 2012 Senior Hall of Fame Inductee

Jerry Pritikin is a retired photographer and LGBT rights activist from Chicago. During the height of the gay rights movement in San Francisco, Jerry began “documenting [the movement] by osmosis” through his photographs. He specialized in what he called “photoglyphics”, photographs of words and phrases taken in interesting contexts. Many of his photos include images of Harvey Milk. Despite his artistic success in San Francisco, Jerry always considered himself a Chicagoan in exile and in the mid 1980’s, he returned to Chicago and to his beloved Cubs. After attending every home game for two years, Jerry was tabbed by Harry Caray the “the # 1 Cubs fan”. Jerry coined the slogan “How do you spell believe? C-U-B-S”.

In June of 2010, Jerry had a photography exhibit at Gage Gallery in Chicago that featured hundreds of photographs documenting San Francisco in the 1970s including the lives of Harvey Milk, Mayor Moscone, and the bustling activities of Castro Street. Jerry currently volunteers with the Center on Halsted and is a proud member of the Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association’s softball tournament, winning the award for oldest, most active player three times. In addition to remaining an active voice in local politics and sports, Jerry is a frequent guest speaker at Walter Payton High School’s Gay Straight Alliance.

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