Lincoln Avenue SSA

Lincoln Avenue SSA #35

The Lincoln Avenue Special Service Area in Lincoln Park focuses on ‘clean and green’ efforts to beautify and enhance the area and promote the district as a desirable place to live and do business. These services are provided through the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce on behalf the Lincoln Ave SSA.

The Lincoln Avenue SSA, which includes all properties fronting Lincoln Avenue from Webster Avenue on the south to Diversey Parkway on the north, offers a number of services to residents and businesses of the area, including street-cleaning, power-washing, snow removal, landscaping, and holiday decorations.  Street-cleaning is done five times a week from April through October and three times a week November through March; power-washing occurs once annually, landscaping includes two seasonal plantings (spring and winter) and installation and maintenance of flowers and plants in hanging streetpole baskets, and snow removal includes salting and removing snowfall in excess of two inches during the winter months.

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