Report Graffiti

We are entering the most prolific part of graffiti season, and we encourage neighbors to report it right away. Please be sure to include the following information when making your report:

1. Where is the graffiti located? Front/side/back of a building, fence, etc.

2. Is the surface aluminum siding, painted brick, unpainted brick, painted wood, unpainted wood, vinyl, or other? (If painted, what color?)

3. Is it more than six feet from the ground?

4. Is it a hate crime or profanity, or is it located near a church or school?

**Graffiti requests are addressed by the Department of Streets and Sanitation and are usually taken care of within 21 days. If there is a hate crime or profanity, or it is located near a church or school they will try and address it ASAP.**

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