Condominium Refuse Rebate

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the recent effective date of the amendment, applications for 2012 refuse collection costs will be accepted by city hall until January 2, 2013 for this year only. For all subsequent years, you should plan to submit your applications at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the January City Council meeting. A fact sheet detailing the recent changes to the condominium refuse rebate can be found here. Only owner-occupied units that received one or more condo refuse rebates between January 1, 2009 and November 9, 2011 will be eligible for a rebate going forward. If you did not receive a rebate during this period or do not successfully apply for a rebate by the January deadline, you lose your eligibility to seek any further rebate. Please call our office at 773-348-9500 with any questions.

Condominium associations, cooperative apartment buildings, and townhouses that are not eligible to receive City waste-hauling services are entitled to a rebate on the costs of their private scavenger service. The association will receive a maximum rebate of $50.00 per residential unit, or the total amount of the annual waste-hauling bills, whichever is the lesser amount. In order to receive a rebate:

  • All buildings eligible for this rebate have one year to file an application. Applications must be introduced in City Council at or before the last Council meeting of the year (usually mid-December). Please submit your applications to our office no later than November 1 in order to ensure enough processing time prior to introduction in City Council.
  • All buildings applying for this rebate must have a Recycling Certification Form on file with the Committee on Finance;
  • All refuse bills pertaining to the period you are applying must be submitted with your completed application form;
  • A resolution adopted by the governing board must also accompany your application;
  • A copy of your current scavenger service agreement must also be submitted with your application;
  • The completed application must be notarized;
  • The application and all necessary documents must be submitted to our office. We recommend you send the application via certified mail with delivery confirmation.

Mail the application and supporting documentation to:

Alderman Michele Smith, 43rd Ward
2523 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60614

The 2012 city budget amended the rebate to the following:

  • a rebate of $50 per owner occupied unit for 2012
  • a rebate of $25 per owner occupied unit for 2013, 2014, and 2015
  • an additional $1 million to begin to pay down the arrearages in the program from the past
  • no new condominium associations would be eligible to participate
  • the program (except arrearages) would end in 2016

If you have any questions regarding condominium refuse rebates, please contact my office at 773-348-9500, or e-mail us. Additional information can be found at the Committee on Finance website.

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