Free Rain Barrels

Free Rain Barrels


The 43rd Ward has collaborated with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District and the Lincoln Central Association on the city’s new rain barrel initiative. This program offers up to 4 free rain barrels to qualified households with your choice of color – terra cotta, blue, black & grey. Rain barrels are 36 inches high, 21 inches in diameter, and hold 55 gallons of water.

Rain barrels provide a storage space for rainwater collected from roofs and saves it for it’s needed. Rain barrels lessen the strain on sewer systems by storing extra water, and are a green way to revitalize Chicago’s storm water reclamation procedures. For more information about the program visit or call (312) 751-6633.

To apply, send your completed application to Julia Battista at, or stop by the ward’s office at 2523 North Halsted St., Chicago, IL.

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