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Lincoln Park Playgrounds Resource

There are 17 very different playgrounds located in Lincoln Park!  Use the resource guide below to find out their location, Play Details and a Fun Fact about each, as well as photos.  All information provided by Mistie Lucht and Playground Pointers, a searchable iPhone App database of Chicagoland Playgrounds.

Oz Playground and Park/ Dorothy’s Playground

  • Location:  The playground is located close to the corners of Larrabee and Webster; 2021 N. Burling
  • Play Details:  Unique wooden structures bring the Wizard of Oz to life with a “yellow brick road” on the rubber surface, and a wooden “tornado.”  Note that supervision can be difficult in this playground with all of the small crawl spaces and 3 separate exits.
  • Fun Fact:  Try to find the four main characters from the Wizard of Oz on a walk through the larger park, then picnic in Emerald Gardens adjacent to the playground.  There is also tennis and baseball in this park.

Jonquil Playground and Park

  • Location: This playground is located along W. Lill Ave just west of Sheffield; 1023 W. Wrightwood
  • Play Details:  This playground has something for everyone, from the water sprayer in the summer to the traditional and more challenging play structures.
  • Fun Fact:  Tennis and baseball are additional play options here.  This playground is 2 blocks away from Supera Playground, so make it a double playground day!

Supera Playground

  • Location: This playground is located on N. Racine and W. Lill Ave.; 2528 N. Racine
  • Play Details:  This playground is great year round, as it is nicely shaded in hot weather.  While there are no water features, there is a water spout that makes for great mud pies in the sandbox.  Arrr, be sure to check out the pirate theme here, mateys!
  • Fun Fact:  Jonquil Playground is just 2 blocks away, and it is close to a Starbucks for coffee, hot chocolate and bathroom breaks.

Clover Playground

  • Location: This playground is located on N. Southport just west of Webster; 2210 N. Southport
  • Play Details:  This playground is older, with heavy usage daily by a local school, so it can get very busy quickly.  The surrounding neighborhood has been fundraising to make improvements here.
  • Fun Fact:  There is a fenced in pavement area in the back that is great for safe bike and scooter riding.  If you exit out the back by the alley, you are very close to Potbelly, a great lunch or dinner spot!

Adams Playground

  • Location:  Playground located on N. Seminary just south of Armitage; 1919 N. Seminary
  • Play Details:  This playground has it all:  located in a neighborhood close to the “L”, family friendly food and ice cream, bathrooms, water playground, picnic tables, a sandbox, and great climbing structures for all ages.
  • Fun Fact:  In the summer, be sure to check the Park District Summer Camp schedule.  The water playground is open to the public during the week for specific hours only.


Cummings Playground

  • Location: This playground is located between N. Stockton Drive and N. Lincoln Parkway, just north of Dickens by the Zoo’s west entrance; 2045 N Lincoln Park West
  • Play Details:  This playground brings the zoo to life with animal structures throughout.  Add in many different play structures in a gorgeous setting, and this playground is a fun city destination.
  • Fun Fact:  Spend the morning at the zoo, then head here to relax (with the kiddos fenced in and contained!) and have a picnic lunch.

Sedgwick Playground

  • Location:  This playground is located on N. Sedgwick St. just south of W. Wisconsin; 1800 N Sedgwick
  • Play Details:  This playground is a hidden gem.  It is small, but well shaded and quiet.  It has no swings and offers many unique climbing options.
  • Fun Fact:  This playground is not listed on any official playground registry that I can find.  Be sure to check out the 2 metal horse structures nearby and “feed” them some leaves.

Privet Playground

  • Location: This playground is located where N. Maud and N. Sheffield meet; 1 block south of Armitage; 1844 N. Sheffield
  • Play Details:  This playground is small, completely fenced in, never crowded, and very close to Armitage, so it makes for a good, quick play session if you are running errands in the neighborhood.
  • Fun Fact:  Rumor has it that this playground will be renovated soon as part of the ‘Chicago Plays’ initiative.


Playground #535

  • Location:  This playground is located where Wisconsin dead-ends at Halsted just off N. Dayton St.; north of Willow and south of Armitage; 800 W. Wisconsin
  • Play Details:  The perfect playground for new walkers and crawlers, which features only baby swings and a soft, rolling play surface.  It is completely fenced in and very shady, so a great location for warmer days.
  • Fun Fact:  Families will leave toys that their own children have outgrown at this playground, so there is always a rotation for age-appropriate toys that all children can share.


Bauler Playground

  • Location:  This playground is located between N. Cleveland and N. Mohawk, one block south of Armitage; 501 W. Wisconsin
  • Play Details:  Older wooden equipment and wood chips really make this playground best for older kids (let’s hope it is also on the list for a renovation.)  But the beautiful green grass and larger trees make up for where this playground lacks in good play equipment.  Bring outdoor toys and utilize the larger park.
  • Fun Fact:  Many families we knew would have their children’s summer birthday parties here – the ample space and shade allow for some table or blanket set up for the celebration while allowing kids to play at the playground.


Park West Playground

  • Location: This playground is located on W. Wrightwood between N. Halsted and N. Burling; 745 W. Wrightwood
  • Play Details:  A deep, narrow and shaded playlot offers a hidden gem of a playground tucked right into the neighborhood.  Great structures for all ages are here at this quiet playground.
  • Fun Fact:  Check out that rainbow horse mural!  What a way to brighten a cloudy day and add some imaginative fun to your playground visit.

Clybourn Playground

  • Location: This playground is located on Clybourn just south of Willow and north of North; 1755 N. Clybourn
  • Play Details:  This playground has been renovated!
  • Fun Fact:  What we also love about this playground is the proximity to the “L” tracks (practically underneath them!) and to shopping and food.   Basketball is another play option here.


Trebes Playground

  • Location:  This playground is located between Racine and Clifton, just north of Webster; 2250 N. Clifton
  • Play Details:  While used by Mayer Elementary during school days, this playground is still a hot destination during off hours and weekends.  It contains separate sections for younger and older children, and is close to many local family friendly favorites (John’s Place and Sweet Mandy B’s to name a few.)
  • Fun Fact:  While you can really only play here when school is not in session, it is worth a trip.  Make sure you walk over to Mayer Elementary’s main entrance along Clifton and see their chicken coop and beehive.  Baseball and basketball are additional play options here.


Schaefer Playground

  • Location:  This playground is located on N. Marshfield, just north of where Clybourn and Fullerton meet; 2415 N Marshfield
  • Play Details:  Located off the beaten path, it is a good quick stop if you are in the area.  Older equipment with views of buildings all around make it a less desirable destination stop for younger kids.
  • Fun Fact:  This playground is tucked between Clybourn and Ashland, just north of Fullerton – you would never know it was there if you didn’t look for it!



Stanton Playground

  • Location: This playground is located behind Skinner North Elementary school between N. Halsted and N. Larrabbee; 618 W. Scott Street
  • Play Details:  With very old, breaking wooden equipment and a lot of litter, plus being hard to get to (this playground is located behind Skinner North with no drivable access/ parking) I would not recommend this playground to any family at this time.
  • Fun Fact:  Hopefully this playground will receive a much needed renovation, and, if it gets one, it could be an amazing destination with lovely green space and trees all around, and some nice views of the skyline.  Baseball, basketball, football and soccer are additional play options here.

Wrightwood Playground

  • Location: This playground is located at W. Wrightwood and N. Greeview; just east of Ashland; 2534 N. Greenview
  • Play Details:  This playground is spacious with so much to offer all ages!  There are many play structures, a sandbox, picnic tables, bathrooms, ample green space, a dirt track and a 3-foot deep outdoor pool!
  • Fun Fact:  The playground is not fenced in and all the amenities make it hard to watch multiple children.  However, with the trees and flowers, this playground feels very “un-city like” and is truly beautiful.  Basketball, baseball, football, volleyball and soccer are additional play options.


Sunshine Playground

  • Location: This playground is located at the very top of the North Pond Nature Sanctuary, just east of N. Stockton Drive; 2610 N Cannon Drive
  • Play Details:  While these structures are older and best for older kids, you cannot beat the skyline view from this playground!  If it gets renovated, it will be a playground not to be missed.
  • Fun Fact:  Play here and take a nature walk all the way to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and create an all day nature adventure!


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