Garbage & Recycling Collection

Garbage Pickup

Residential garbage pickup is provided for households in single-family homes and apartment buildings of four units or less. All residential garbage is placed in plastic, lidded 96-gallon black garbage carts often referred to as super carts. These carts are supplied free to eligible residences.

If your garbage cart has been stolen or damaged, or if your garbage has not been picked up, please let us know.

Though bulk pick-up is no longer available, please contact our office to see if the item can be taken during your regular garbage collection.  The City does not collect construction materials of any type.

For more information regarding residential garbage collection, visit the Department of Streets and Sanitation website.


The Blue Cart program provides bi-weekly recycling services to single family homes and multi-unit buildings with four or fewer units.  By recycling regularly, you can help reduce the need for landfills, lower disposal costs, reduce pollution and conserve natural resources, such as timber, water and minerals.

Click here to view the Blue Cart Recycling Schedule for our Zone

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