Fullerton Bridge Project

The Chicago Department of Transportation is reconstructing the Fullerton Parkway Bridge starting  March 19, 2012 and ending in December, 2012. This project has been planned for years, and  was approved by the Plan Commission in May 2011. Traffic will remain open in both directions, but with only one lane each way. We suggest that you plan to take alternate routes. See here for the CDOT press release.
The plan will:
  • reconstruct the historic bridge and remove a pier to improve the lagoon
  • create two turning lanes onto Lake Shore Drive
  • move pedestrian access to the lakefront to the north side of the street to improve safety
  • stop accidents between pedestrians and cars trying to enter south-bound Lake Shore Drive
  • reconstruct the running path underneath the bridge
  • make pedestrian access to the lakefront ADA compliant
Please join me at a community meeting attended by representatives from CDOT, the Park District, the Lincoln Park Advisory Committee and Friends of the Park. The purpose of the public meeting is to review the plans, discuss ways to minimize the impact on mature trees, and get community input on future landscaping.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
6:30 pm, South Gallery
the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
 2430 N. Cannon Drive

 If you have questions about how the proposed bridge will look, you can view images of the bridge and its placement. These images do not include planned landscaping.

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