Lincoln Park Hospital Redevelopment

5/3/2013 UPDATE:

Mrs. Green’s Natural Market, a boutique grocer already established in New York and Connecticut, will be moving into the former Lincoln Park Hospital garage site, at the southeast corner of Lincoln and Webster.   Mrs. Green’s is bound to the community agreement that was part of  the planned development and will have to abide by the loading zone and other restrictions contained in the PD ordinance. The store is expected to open around Thanksgiving. The rest of the Webster Square development is proceeding as well.  A 75-unit luxury apartment building is under construction now, and the former hospital building will be constructed as condominiums beginning later this year.


Lincoln Park Hospital Community Agreement

Lincoln Park Hospital Planned Development

Lincoln Park Hospital Amended Plan Development Exhibits

Report to the Chicago Plan Commission from the Department of Housing and Economic Development

9-15-11 Chicago Plan Commission Agenda


As you will recall, the developer of the Lincoln Park Hospital site made important concessions to reduce the impact of that development on the community. These concessions included changing the loading configuration for the site, reducing commercial uses by 50,000 square feet, converting proposed office space to rental units, and reducing a proposed 40 housing units on Grant to 8 houses.

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