1810-20 N Wells Redevelopment

* 03/09/2021 Update *
The initially proposed project was approved by the City’s Commission on Chicago Landmarks on October 1st 2020, but thanks to our combined efforts and advocacy, we were able to negotiate with the Developer and the City and approve some modifications to the original project.  The object of this compromise was to preserve the gateway to the Triangle the best we could under the circumstances
The impact of that compromise in the proposed project is:
  • The proposed addition to 1810 is much smaller than approved by the Landmark Commission and in particular is set back 20 feet further the alley.
  • The proposed addition would be built with brick, not steel and glass, and the window openings would be more consistent, though not identical, with the window openings on Wells Street.
Please click here to see the 03/09/2021 Compromise Plans
* 09/22/2020 Update *

The three lots that comprise the property are located within the Old Town Triangle Landmark District, and contain one 1-story building at 1810-12, one 3-story building with basement at 1816-18, one 2-story building with basement at 1820, and a 2-story coach house on the rear of 1816-18 N Wells St.

The applicant proposes to renovate the existing buildings while erecting a new 3-story addition to the structure located at 1810-12 N Wells, the one-story former garage building at the southern lot of the complex. No buildings will be demolished.

The proposal is consisted of 18 residential units with 18 parking spaces and approximately 4,000 ft² of commercial space. The site has a zoning designation of B1-3, which will not change.

You can find the presentation given during our Community Meeting on 09/22/2020 here: 1810-20 N Wells – Community Meeting Presentation (1).