43rd Ward Staff

McKay Murphy, Chief of Staff; Public Safety Liaison

McKay Murphy manages the 43rd Ward Staff and Chief of Staff. He is also the liaison to the Police Department, coordinating public safety discussions and working with the community to identify and bring resources to problem locations.  He is the community outreach collaborator for the local neighborhood groups, Chamber of Commerce, Local SSA’s and various business partners.

If you would like to reach McKay, please contact him here.

Maggie Sullivan, Director of Constituent Services

Maggie work manages the 43rd Ward constituent services and partners with residents to solve emerging problems in the ward. She assists residents contacting the office who have concerns regarding forestry, sanitation, and quality of life matters. She also assists seasonal interns through the onboarding process into the office.

If you would like to reach Maggie, please contact her here.

Emma Chesniak, Director of Operations and Logistics

Emma oversees our Internship Program and general office management.  Emma also coordinates all scheduling inquiries and aids with external communications, including the Ward’s social media accounts.

If you would like to reach Emma, please contact her here.

Isabella Corya, Director of Zoning and Sustainable Urban Development

Isabella oversees all zoning requests and business affairs in our Ward. She serves as a conduit between our ward office and the Department of Planning and Development, the Department of Housing, and the Department of business affairs and consumer protection.

If you would like to reach Isabella, please contact her here.

43rd Ward Academic Internship

We are privileged to have many wonderful and hard-working interns assisting our office in matters of constituent service, business outreach, public policy, and legislative research.

If you are interested in pursuing an internship with our office, please contact us directly by clicking here.