43rd Ward Staff

Erik Wallenius, Chief of Staff

Erik Wallenius, our Chief of Staff, brings experience from government operations at the state and local level to the office.  He oversees 43rd Ward Aldermanic staff and advises me on matters of strategic communications, community outreach, public policy, legislative affairs, public and private infrastructure, local development, education, and open space matters.

If you would like to reach Erik, please contact him by clicking here.

Joana Zaidan, Director of Zoning and Urban Development

Joana manages the 43rd Ward development portfolio, including permit and procedural matters, and reviews all zoning related materials as well as business-related matters such as license applications, public right of way applications, signage requests and sidewalk cafes.

If you would like to reach Joana, please contact her by clicking here.

Sheila Pacione, Director of Constituent Services and Infrastructure

Sheila manages the 43rd Ward constituent services and partners with residents to solve emerging problems in the ward. Sheila coordinates item review and funding allocation for all ‘Menu’ plans in the 43rd Ward. The menu dollars consist of the $1.32 million dollars assigned to each of the 50 wards in the City of Chicago for improvements to infrastructure. She assists residents contacting my office who have concerns regarding construction, sanitation, and quality of life matters.

If you would like to reach Sheila, please contact her by clicking here.

Rocio Varela, Director of Communications & Office Manager

Rocio Varela manages the external communications and outreach including special events, press relations, events with community partners, our newsletter and social media platforms. Rocio is our 18th and 19th District Police Liaison to help residents who have concerns regarding public safety, oversees my schedule and oversees the sale of Residential Guest Parking Passes (RPPs) for our office.

If you would like to reach Rocio, please contact her here.

Margaret Gaecke (Maggie), Aldermanic Aide

Maggie assists the staff with constituent services, leads interns, and assists the sale of Residential Guest Parking Passes.

If you would like to reach Maggie, please reach out to Maggie@ward43.org.

43rd Ward Academic Internship

We are privileged to have many wonderful and hard-working interns assisting our office in matters of constituent service, business outreach, public policy, and legislative research.

If you are interested in pursuing an internship with our office, please contact us directly by clicking here.