Each year, every member of the Chicago City Council receives a local infrastructure budget of $1.3 million to spend on local infrastructure enhancements, including (but not limited to) such items as street resurfacing, tree planting, curb and sidewalk repairs, bike lane installations, and residential street lighting improvements.

This fund is commonly referred to as the “Aldermanic Menu”, and is extremely helpful in expediting vitally important, and yet locally centric, infrastructure repairs that would otherwise languish for years while waiting for them to be added to the list of overall City infrastructure repairs.  We have a robust constituent service office that employs a dedicated constituent database allowing us to track feedback for infrastructure repairs.

Your input on needed services throughout the ward is crucial in helping me to keep our community looking great and feeling safe.  Any information you have on repairs, service or surveillance needed in our neighborhood is greatly appreciated, and I will work with my staff to fix the issue directly, or make sure that the proper city department addresses the issue in a timely matter.  Together we can continue to look forward to living in a great Chicago neighborhood.

By selecting 311 you can enter your request directly into the City’s new system.  If you prefer to send your request to our office, please choose Report a Problem, where you can describe your request further.

Thank you for letting us know about these matters.

You will find the Menu data from 2011 through 2017 below: