Loading & Standing Zones

Loading Zones

Loading zones are for the loading and unloading of deliveries to buildings. These zones are for commercial vehicles.They are not designated to reserve parking for business patrons or employees. Any commercial vehicle may park in any loading zone for the purpose of loading and unloading for up to thirty minutes.

15 Minute Standing Zones

Standing zones are designated areas in the parking lane for temporary parking. Vehicles parking in standing zones must have their hazard lights flashing while the driver is away from the vehicle.

Valet Zones

Valet zones are special loading zone areas in the parking lane for the operation of a valet service. The process for determining a valet zone and approval is similar to that of a loading zone. Active hours will be limited to the hours of operation of your valet service.

If your business establishment wants to use valet services only for special events, you must obtain a valet parking service license from the Department of Consumer Services. Otherwise, you must contract a licensed valet operator. 

Application Process and Criteria

To apply for a standing, loading or valet zone, please submit to our office the following:

* Completed application form: https://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/bacp/provdrs/bus/alerts/2016/april/Valet_Parking_Operator_License_now_at_SBC.html

* Letter formally detailing the reason for the request, types of deliveries and the commercial delivery vehicles that will be using the zone,  delivery schedule (including frequency and number of daily deliveries)

* Two recent photos of the proposed location

Additionally, in case you are requesting an amendment to an existing zone, please also provide us with the following details of the existing zone:  exact location, type, hours as written on the signs, length.

All loading zone application are reviewed with the considerations that the installation of loading zone signs reduces the amount of available parking in the vicinity. If your primary business activity does not depend on having a standing, loading or valet zone, your application may be denied. If there is a high concentration of zones in your area, the 43rd Ward office may consolidate zones or ask businesses to share spaces.

A standing/loading zone ordinance is introduced to the City Council at the discretion of 43rd Ward Alderman Timmy Knudsen. Submission of an application does not guarantee the granting of a standing/loading zone. The analysis of an application will weigh the benefits of placing the zone adjacent to your business versus the disadvantages of the reduction of available street parking in the area. The issuance of a standing/loading zone is a privilege granted by the City of Chicago and not a right of business ownership. Please remember that a standing/loading zone can be utilized by anyone, as long as it is being done so according to the regulations set forth in the Municipal Code.

If the decision is made to proceed with the installation of a standing or loading zone, the Alderman introduces an ordinance to the City Council requesting that the zone be approved. Once introduced, the ordinance goes to the Committee on Traffic Control and Public Safety, and then for final passage at City Council. Upon approval, the Department of Transportation Bureau of Signs and Markings surveys the site and the Chicago Department of Revenue is informed to bill you. Once the initial invoice is paid, the signs can be installed. Typical charges for a loading zone include: $110 dollars per sign, a charge of $50 per foot for any loading zone that exceeds 20 feet and the annual maintenance fee; you will receive an invoice from the Department of Revenue once the zone is approved. Please be aware that the whole process will take several months to be completed.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us.


Loading Zone & Standing Zone Application