Capital Improvement Projects

The City of Chicago meets with the Alderman in January or February of every year to discuss projects they have engineered for the coming year.  CDOT pulls statistical data from all 311 reports and problem locations they have recognized through ward surveys done in the past year.  This data shows suggested electrical, street, alley, curb and gutter improvements that are of concern in the ward.  Department of Water Management brings forward plans from their 100 year old main project, problem sewers and catch basins.  We often receive People’s Gas and Com Ed projects that are estimated for the coming year as well.  None of these have firm start and completion dates.  Some are still in the bidding process and others will be put off until next year due to engineering adjustment, protocol or material changes and simply timing of special events and activities that affect the location.

Submitted to our office in 2019:

  • Sewer Main-
      • Diversey from Halsted to Burling & Burling from Diversey to Surf. (Partial closure on Diversey needed)
  • Sewer Lining-
  • Water Main Replacement-
      • 2600 & 2700 N Dayton
      • 2200 & 2300 N Racine and 1100 W Belden
      • 2000, 2100 & 2200 N Cleveland
      • 2000 N Clark, 300 W Dickens & 2100 N Lincoln Park West
      • 300 through 700 W Armitage Av
  • Water Main Restoration-
    • 400-600 W Fullerton Parkway
    • 1200 W Diversey

This table is a list of CIP work since 2011 to 2018.