Dickens Neighborhood Greenway Proposal

Chicago Department of Transportation has submitted a proposal  for a Neighborhood Greenway.  This is designed for their mission to create safe streets for all Chicagoans. Pedestrians, Bicyclists and Vehicles.  West Dickens Avenue was recognized as being a low stress and high comfort route which is why it was chosen during studies for the Vision Zero planning.  Approximately 85% of all funding for this greenway will be dedicated to pedestrian safety, making them visible, safe and produce traffic calming.  The rest of the funding defines a more predictable travel of bikes and vehicles.  Below please note presentations from community meetings discussing the proposal as it evolved with community input.

Dickens Greenway Update May 18, 2021:

Power Point

Footprint and current detailed maps, August 22, 2019:                               

Footprint & Detailed                              

2nd Dickens Neighborhood Greenway Presentation on August 22, 2019:       

Power PointProposal Boards

1st Dickens Neighborhood Greenway Presentation on May 30, 2019:  

Power Point & Proposal Boards