Dickens Neighborhood Greenway Proposal

Chicago Department of Transportation has submitted a proposal  for a Neighborhood Greenway.  This is designed for their mission to create safe streets for all Chicagoans. Pedestrians, Bicyclists and Vehicles.  West Dickens Avenue was recognized as being a low stress and high comfort route which is why it was chosen during studies for the Vision Zero planning.  Approximately 85% of all funding for this greenway will be dedicated to pedestrian safety, making them visible, safe and produce traffic calming.  The rest of the funding defines a more predictable travel of bikes and vehicles.  Below please note presentations from community meetings discussing the proposal as it evolved with community input.

Footprint and current detailed maps as of August 22, 2019:                               

Footprint & Detailed                              

2nd Dickens Neighborhood Greenway Presentation on August 22, 2019:       

Power PointProposal Boards

1st Dickens Neighborhood Greenway Presentation on May 30, 2019:  

Power Point & Proposal Boards