Bike Walk Lincoln Park Bike Share Meeting

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Please RSVP

You may have already heard the exciting news that a large-scale bike share program will be rolled out in Chicago in spring 2013. Bike share is not the same thing as a bike rental company for tourists! No, it’s a transportation system for residents of the city, in which you take a bike from one station, ride it to your destination a mile or two away, and return it at another dock.

Not all of Chicago will be included in the initial geographic area covered by bike share, but all of Lincoln Park will be, right from the beginning! Currently, the Chicago Department of Transportation’s bike program staff is seeking input from citizens on where stations should be. Anyone can (and should!) input suggestions for individual locations on their website below. However, we would like to meet to talk through the locations and come up with a well-thought out list to submit to Alderman Michele Smith and CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein for consideration.

Does this sound fun? Yes! Please join us. The date is set. The venue will depend on level of interest.

Michelle Stenzel
Michael Reynolds
Co-Chairs, Bike Walk Lincoln Park
Bike Walk Lincoln Park Blog