Lincoln Avenue SSA Reconstitution Community Meeting 2

Lincoln Avenue Special Service Area (SSA) #35

The Lincoln Avenue SSA has helped to keep Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park (from Webster to Diversey) a clean and beautiful corridor for the past ten years. The SSA funds vital services such as sidewalk litter pickup, garbage bin servicing, sidewalk snow removal and salting, landscaping, and sidewalk power washing. These services are in addition to City of Chicago services or are services that the City does not provide. Local stakeholders are seeking to renew the SSA to keep Lincoln Avenue a clean and vibrant place to live and do business.

The Lincoln Avenue SSA Advisory Committee and SSA Commission invite property owners, residents, and business owners along Lincoln Avenue (from Webster to Diversey) to join us for Community Meetings (listed below) to discuss the proposed renewal of the SSA. Hear from the SSA Advisory Committee, current SSA Commissioners, City of Chicago representatives, Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce staff, and consultants. Visit for more information.

Lincoln Avenue SSA Reconstitution Community Meetings:

Wednesday, May 6, 8:30 a.m.

Pizano’s Pizza

2429 N. Lincoln


Questions? Email Martin Sorge ( or visit for more information.