Parking Restrictions on Fullerton, Orchard, Geneva for Filming

Memo from the Location Department:

Open 4 Business, LLC will be in your neighborhood on November 15th, 2012. We are preparing the area for our upcoming filming with the full cooperation of the Illinois Film Office, The Chicago Film Office, and the Chicago Police Department.

The city has issued street parking permits for our production vehicles. For this reason, there will be NO PARKING on the following streets:

NOVEMBER 15TH, 2012 at 1 am-11:59 pm

BOTH SIDES of Fullerton, from Orchard to Geneva
BOTH SIDES of Fullerton, from Lincoln to Orchard
BOTH SIDES of Orchard, from Fullerton to Kemper
WEST SIDE of Geneva, from Fullerton to Kemper 

In the past thirty-five years, more than 1300 film and television projects have been made in Illinois creating over 700,000 temporary jobs and leaving in excess of 1,7 billion dollars in our economy. Ultimately, it is the cooperation of individuals like you that make Illinois a great place to make movies. We will do our best to resolve any questions or concerns. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.