Solar Chicago Workshop

September 10, 2014
Room 325
DePaul Student Center
2250 N. Sheffield Ave

If you’ve considered solar power for your home, now is the time to act!

Solar Chicago, a new group solar discount program for homeowners in the Chicago metro area, is available now! This city-approved solar discount program will help homeowners pool their buying power to make going solar more affordable than ever while helping to achieve community clean energy goals.

Solar Chicago allows the approved companies to reduce their costs, allowing more than a 25{1833fab4ad648e54d7545715d2f0dbd81dc79394f9a43374a3e635336087eece} discount off the average cost of going solar.

If you have not signed up for Solar Chicago, please visit the program website to register at Once registered, you will be connected with Juhl Energy / Microgrid Solar to schedule your site evaluation and receive a proposal. Please note that registration does not obligate you moving forward.

To learn more, come to our Solar Chicago Workshop at 6:30pm on Wednesday, September 10th in room 325 of the DePaul Student Center at 2250 N. Sheffield Ave.

Click here for more information.