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07/07/2022 Youth for a Better Future

07/06/2022 Crimes on Lakeview and Hampden

06/30/2022 18th & 19th District Community Alert Armed Robberies & Vehicular Hijackings

06/27/2022 Its Election Day

06/24/2022 Community Alert: Aggravated Battery with a Handgun

06/22/2022 More Guns on North Avenue Beach

06/17/2022 Good News for Our Parks

06/13/2022 Tornado and Severe Storm Warning

06/10/2022 Camera Rebate Begins

06/02/2022 North Avenue Beach and Guns

05/27/2022 Casino and Curfew Votes

05/19/2022 Chicago Redistricting Update; Shred Event Rescheduled

05/17/2022 Public Safety Special Report: New Arrest Made

05/12/2022 Statement on the Event at North Avenue Beach Yesterday

05/10/2022 Correction: Safety Walk on Wednesday

05//10/2022 Police Support and Meetings this Week

o5/08/2022 Community Alert: Shooting/ Special Casino Committee Meeting Next Week

05/06/2022 Public Safety Special Report

05/01/2022 Ethics Reform

04/22/2022 Carjacking & Shred Event

04/14/2022 General Iron Special Report

04/09/2022 Pre-School & Easter

04/01/2022 Chicago Casino Meetings & New Inspector General

03/25/2022 CPS Pre-Schools

03/18/2022 New Ward Map

03/15/2022 Special Bulletin: North Branch Park Preserve Feasibility Study Announced

03/11/2022 Arrests for Carjackings and Burglaries

03/03/2022 Indictment of Madigan

02/25/2022 Mask COVID-19 Restrictions Being Lifted

02/17/2022 Remembering Commander Paul Bauer

02/10/2022 Public Safety Meeting Recap

02/03/2022 Public Safety Forum Tonight

02/01/2022 Reminder: Public Safety Forum on Thursday

01/27/2022 Public Safety Forum Announced

01/21/2022 Vaccine Rates Not Improving

01/14/2022 Electronic Monitoring Report

01/12/2022 Vaccine Clinic

01/11/2022 COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

01/06/2022 2021 Year in Review

01/05/2022 Get Tested! Get Vaccinated! Stay Safe!

12/30/2021 Latest on COVID-19

12/22/2021 Whistlestop Campaign

12/20/2021 Walk With Me Tonight

12/17/2021 Write to Your Public Officials About Safety

12/16/2021 Arrest Made in Local Vehicular Hijacking Case

12/15/2021 Special Report: More Resources Headed to Lincoln Park

12/09/2021 018 & 019 District Community Alert: Armed Robberies & Vehicular Hijackings

12/07/2021 Recent Crimes in Our Community

12/03/2021 Redistricting Update Continued

11/24/2021 Redistricting Update

11/19/2021 Celebrate New Places to Play!

11/16/2021 Vaccine Event Success

11/10/2021 Kids Vaccine Events Near You

11/03/2021 Park District Firings

10/28/2021 Budget Report #3

10/22/2021 Property Taxes and Pensions

10/19/2021 Special Report: Suspect Charged with Shooting Police Officer

10/15/2021 Next Steps on Public Safety

10/07/2021 Crime Surges

10/01/2021 Budget Report: Debt and the Federal Government

09/28/2021 018 District Community Alert

09/23/2021 City Council News; Inspector General Selection Process

09/10/2021 Remembering 9/11

09/01/2021 Business is Back

08/26/2021 Public Safety Forum Recap

08/19/2021 In Memoriam; Mask Mandate; Vaccine Events

08/16/2021 Reminder: Public Safety Forum

08/12/2021 Public Safety Forum

08/05/2021 Delta Variant Risking our Progress

07/30/2021 Delta Variant; Lifeguards

07/24/2021 Safety, Police and Business Reform

07/22/2021 BP Shooting

07/16/2021 Summer Infrastructure

07/07/2021 Community Meetings, Willow – Halsted

07/01/2021 Special City Council Meeting

06/26/2021 Vaccine Clinic Today

06/25/2021 Federal Public Safety Help

06/17/2021 Upcoming City Council Votes

06/09/2021 Oz Park Safety Walk Report

06/03/2021 Oz Park Safety Walk

06/02/2021 Oz Park Shooting Incident

05/28/2021 Dickens Greenway

05/21/2021 More Vaccine Options

05/14/2021 Expanded Vaccine Clinic Eligibility

05/12/2021 Register for Kids Vaccine Event

05/10/2021 Kids Vaccine Event

5/06/2021 Phase 4 Reopening

4/30/2021 Farmers Markets Open

4/23/2021 Shredding Event

4/15/2021 Tragic Events

4/15/2021 Register for the Vaccine Clinic

4/14/2021 Ward Vaccine Event

4/05/2021 Wrigley Vaccine Update

4/01/2021 Wrigley Vaccine Site

3/30/2021 Covid Spike in 60610 and 60614

3/23/2021 Vaccine Update

3/16/2021 Carjacking Taskforce Update

3/9/2021 Universal Pre-K News

3/6/2021 United Center Vaccine Update

3/3/2021 Make an Appointment at the United Center

3/2/2021 Vaccine Supersite

2/24/2021 Playgrounds Reopening

2/18/2021 Snow Alert 2

2/15/2021 Snow Alert

2/12/2021 Vaccine Town Hall

2/5/2021 Carjacking Forum Review

2/2/2021 Vaccine News

1/26/2021 Phase 1B Vaccination Plan

1/19/2021 Vaccine Rollout Update

1/15/2021 Carjacking Forum

1/8/2021 COVID Update/General Iron

2020 Year in Review

12/29/2020 Community Safety Update

12/23/2020 Extended Business Relief

12/16/2020 COVID Vaccine

12/8/2020 Vaccine Rollout

12/3/2020 Burglary Alert/Property Tax Update

11/30/2020 Shop and Give Local

11/23/2020 COVID Precautions for Thanksgiving

11/21/2020 Budget Update #3

11/18/2020 Budget Update #2

11/17/2020 Thanksgiving/Parking Passes

11/7/2020 General Iron Fire/Veterans Day

11/5/2020 School Updates

10/30/2020 Vote!

10/23/2020 Budget Deficit Plan

10/20/2020 CPS Beginning Back to School/Halloweek

10/14/2020 Early Voting Starts/Ethics Victory

10/09/2020 All City Offices Closed Monday

10/09/2020 COVID Cases Worsen/Landmarks Update

10/2/2020 What is Going on With Landmarks?

09/30/2020 Public Safety Forum Tonight; More Business Re-Open

09/23/2020 Public Safety Meeting for Tonight RESCHEDULED

09/22/2020 Early Voting Information

09/18/2020 Public Safety Meeting; 1810-20 N Wells Community Meeting

09/11/2020 Public Safety Meeting

09/04/2020 Labor Day COVID Update

09/02/2020 Historic Budget Shortfall 

08/28/2020 COVID and Public Safety Update

08/26/2020 Green Space in the Time of Covid; Airbnb Reform

08/21/2020 CPD Suspect Identification 

08/14/2020 Public Safety Strategy

08/13/2020 Participate in the Census

08/10/2020 Statement on Last Night’s Looting Downtown

08/7/2020 Crime Update

07/31/2020 Neighborhood Arson

07/22/2020 Public Meeting About General Iron

07/22/2020 COVID Update 

07/16/2020 The Best Path Towards Meaningful Police Reform

07/14/2020 Cases Increasing in Our Ward

07/09/2020 Feast on Lincoln Ave: Opening Weekend

07/07/2020 Guest Parking Passes

07/01/2020 Dickens Shared Street Announced

06/26/2020 Phase Four Openings

06/25/2020 Juvenile Justice Hearing

06/22/2020 More Opening This Friday

06/18/2020 Mask Giveaway

06/15/2020 Lakefront Reopening June 22

06/11/2020 Summer Events Cancelled Through Labor Day

06/09/2020 Parks Reopen; Keep Helping

06/05/2020 How to Help Other Communities

06/04/2020 43rd Ward Reopens

06/02/2020 Peaceful Protests in Lincoln Park

06/01/2020 Social Media Posts 

05/31/2020 CTA Shutdown

05/31/2020 The National Guard is Coming 

05/29/2020 Cautious Reopening June 3

05/28/2020 Phase 3 Guidelines to Reopen Businesses You Use

05/26/2020 Reopening Guidelines Issued

05/22/2020 Take Our Restaurant Opening Survey

05/21/2020 Information on Restaurant Openings

05/20/2020 More on General Iron 

05/18/2020 General Iron Explosion

05/14/2020 Property Tax Relief 

05/13/2020 19th District Community Alert

05/11/2020 COVID; School and Families 

05/06/2020 Virtual Community Meetings 

05/04/2020 Focus on Business

05/1/2020 New Executive Order Takes Effect Today

04/29/2020 Get a Face Covering

04/27/2020 Small Business Special Report; Apply now to SBA Loans 

04/23/2020 Stay Home Order Extended to May 30 – And Wear Your Mask 

04/23/2020 Wear Your Mask Ordinance

04/22/2020 Volunteer to Help Our Neighbors

04/17/2020 COVID Deaths; Unemployment Insurance

04/15/2020 Non-Profit Town Hall; Make an Easy Mask

04/13/2020 Number of COVID Cases Triple in Less Than Two Weeks

04/10/2020 Should You Get Tested?

04/09/2020 Temporary Ban on Liquor Sales After 9 PM

04/08/2020 COVID Cases on the Increase in the City

04/06/2020 Wear a Mask, Make a Mask 

04/03/2020 Stay at Home

04/02/2020 Economic Relief for Small Businesses

04/01/2020 CPS Begins Remote Learning 

03/31/2020 Stay at Home Extended Until April 30

03/31/2020 Rent and Mortgage Assistance

03/30/2020 Small Business Fund Webinars

03/29/2020 New Federal CARE’s Act 

03/27/2020 Social Distancing 

03/26/2020 The Lakefront Trail and Parks are Now Closed

03/24/2020 What We Can Do to Help

03/21/2020 Governor’s “Stay at Home” Takes Effect Now 

03/20/2020 Governor Issues Stay at Home Executive Order

03/19/2020 Mayoral Address on COVID19 Tonight

03/18/2020 Coronavirus Update

03/17/2020 Polling Places Up and Running

03/17/2020 Issues at Polling Some Polling Sites 

03/16/2020 Voting Information for Election Day 

03/15/2020 Coronavirus: All Restaurants and Bars Closed

03/13/2020 CPS Schools Will be Closed 

03/13/2020 Coronavirus Update and Election Day

03/11/2020 Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

03/09/2020 Airbnb Hearing

03/01/2020 Short-Term Rental

02/25/2020 18th District Crime Update

02/23/2020 A New Field for Lincoln Park High School

02/13/2020 Join Your Community Group

02/05/2020 Lincoln Park High School

01/30/2020 Condo Summit 

01/28/2020 Community Alert

01/23/2020 2019 Year in Review

01/16/2020 2020 Women’s March

01/10/2020 Christmas Tree Recycling

01/9/2020 Coyote Attacks

01/6/2020 Shared Cost Sidewalk Program

12/20/2019 City Council Update

12/11/2019 Crime Update – Cell Phone Thefts

12/6/2019 Holiday Safety Precautions

11/26/2019 My Budget Vote/Holiday Events in Our Ward 

11/19/2019 Community Alert: Robberies

11/18/2019 Final Budget Wrap Up – Share Your Views

11/14/2019 Elected Officials Shouldn’t be Paid Lobbyists for Others

11/7/2019 Airbnb Revocation

10/31/2019 Strike Over; Community Alert Robberies

10/30/2019 The City Budget

10/23/2019 LED Lights are Coming

10/17/2019 Community Alert: Arson Incidents

10/16/2019 Chicago Teachers Union Strike

10/10/2019 Community Alert: Wanted for Home Invasion

10/2/2019 Cannabis Survey Results

9/26/2019 Take Surveys about Cannabis and Scooters

9/20/2019 Suspect Charged with Multiple Felonies in Connection with Halsted Stabbing

9/20/2019 Shred Event, Condo Ordinance Passes

9/11/2019 General Iron Agrees with City to End Operations

9/11/2019 More Protections for Condo Owners

9/6/2019 Lincoln Yards Revelations

8/29/2019 Dickens Greenway Recap

8/21/2019 Dickens Greenway Meeting

8/16/2019 Chicago Air and Show

8/9/2019 Suspect Apprehended

8/7/2019 Improving Our Parks Together

8/1/2019 Community Alert Suspect Identified

7/25/2019 Community Alert Update

7/19/2019 Ethics and Government Oversight Committee

7/3/2019 CHI 311 App

6/26/2019 Public Safety Seminar Tonight

6/13/2019 New Ethics Reforms Introduced

6/9/2019 North Ave Shooting – Charged

6/8/2019 North Ave Shooting – Community Alert

6/6/2019 Summer Events

5/31/2019 Ethics Reforms Needed Now

5/24/2019 For Fairer Assessments of Commercial Properties

5/22/2019 Aldermanic Prerogative

5/16/2019 Fighting Digital Hate

5/8/2019 For Fairer Assessments of Commercial Properties

5/1/2019 Business Alert – Commercial Robberies

4/26/2019 Updated Safety Alert

4/18/2019 New CHI 311 App

4/10/2019 Lincoln Yards TIF and Lincoln Common ARO

4/3/2019 Streets and Sanitation and Forestry Blitz

3/25/2019 Carjacking- Community Alert

3/22/2019 General Iron Move

3/18/2019 March Towards Reform

3/9/2019 Lincoln Yards

2/22/2019 Reform and Taxes

2/18/2019  Safety Ride Along

2/5/2019 Public Safety Announcement, Repeat Offenders

1/19/2019 Snow Alert

1/18/2019 Public Safety Advances and Help for kids

1/14/2019 Year in Review 2018

1/4/2019 City Council Reform, Lincoln Yards Survey, Public Safety Update

12/29/2018 Safety Alert – Old Town Car Jacking

12/20/2018 Your Feedback on Pension Reform and Funding, City Budget, Help Old Town School Stay, Safety Alerts

12/11/2018 Holiday Cheer & Safety Meet and Treat Court Advocacy

11/28/2018 View Lincoln Yards Plans Thursday Oz Park Tree Lighting Meet & Treats

11/20/2018 Upcoming Community Meetings Improving Postal Service in the Ward Thanksgiving Holiday Office Closure

11/16/2018 TIF Meeting Packed Lincoln Yards Plans Revealed Nov 29 General Iron Nuisance Hearing Dec 6

10/30/2018 Sexual Assault Conviction Safe Halloween Tips

10/25/2018 City Budget Hearings Start Help Appealing Your Assessment Halloween Events

10/18/2018 Smith & Wesson Meeting Sunday Funday Armitage/Halsted Continues 2019 Purple Guest Passes

10/12/2018 Police Enhancements & Reform Car-Jacking Incidents Brunch, Shop, and Give – Armitage/Halsted

10/10/2018 Women’s March October 13 Brunch, Shop, and Give on Armitage/Halsted

9/26/2018 More Police Deployments 61% Chicagoans Back North Branch Park General Iron Continues Nighttime Operations SNA Lincoln Yards Meeting Tonight

9/18/2018 Burglary Workshop, Good News for LaSalle Language Academy

9/17/2018 General Iron City Council Meeting, Chicago Tribune Editorial on Park Legacy, Community Meeting on Lincoln Yards

9/13/2018 Public Safety Workshop Tonight, Property Tax Appeal Assistance, and Lincoln Yards Community Meeting

9/10/2018 Community Alert, Proposed Pension Bonds, Infrastructure Timelines

8/30/2018 Infrastructure Improvements, Reminder Lincoln Yards Survey, and Upcoming Labor Day Office Closure

8/22/2018 Lincoln Yards Community Survey, Police Arrest Robbery Offenders, 2468 N Clark Street Community Meeting, 43rd Ward Shredding Event

8/16/2018  Illegal Airbnb Crack Down, 60th Air & Water Show, 43rd Ward Shredding Event

8/9/2018 Lincoln Yards Feedback Survey, Pedestrian Safety Improvements, Community Meeting for 800-802 W. Altgeld

8/7/2018 Public Safety Updates 

8/1/2018 Public Safety Alert and Lake Shore Drive Protest Information

7/31/2018 More Police, Public Comment on Consent Decree, General Iron Cited by EPA

7/26/ 2018 Public Safety Alerts

7/24/2018 Water, Chicago RX Card, Liquor License Community Meeting

7/17/2018 Arrest Made in Juvenile Case

7/17/2018 General Iron Moving, Lincoln Yards Community Meeting, Art on Clark Tonight, 50th Annual Sheffield Garden Walk, New Adams Water Park Open

7/10/2018 New 18th District Strategic Support Center, Lincoln Yards Community Meeting, Access Chicago Fest

6/29/2018 The Branch Park is Achievable, Extreme Heat is Predicted, Holiday Office Hours

6/26/2018 Community Alert: Home Burglaries, North Branch Park Meeting Wednesday, Holiday Office Hours 

6/22/2018 Street Repavings, March with Us! 

6/13/2018 Delay North Branch Park Preserve Meeting 

6/11/2018  North Branch Park Preserve Meeting Update 

6/5/2018  Text Us! North Branch Park Preserve Meeting, City Sticker Sale, Old Town Art Fair This Weekend

5/31/2018 Update on Home Invasion/Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse of Juvenile Incidents

5/29/2018 Anti Carjacking Measure Passes Illinois House, More Fiscal Reform, The New Lincoln Avenue

5/28/2018 Crime Alert

5/22/2018 Crime Meeting Update, North Branch Meeting

5/17/2018 Reminder For Tonight’s Meeting

5/15/2018 Public Safety Forum Thursday, Alderman to discuss park on WTTW

5/4/2018 Public Safety Updates: Progress on Legislation, Additional Police Officers, and Burglary Alert

4/27/2018 Carjacking Arrest Thursday Night

4/26/2018 North Branch Meeting Update Community Meeting B.L.U.E.S.

4/22/2018 Car Jacking Incident Saturday

4/20/2018 North Branch Park Meeting Monday, Send LP High Teachers to Harvard, Street Sweeping Update

4/17/2018 North Branch Park Meeting Rescheduled, Vote for Local School Council, and Recycling and Earth Day Events

4/16/2018 Street Sweeping Cancelled for today.

4/15/2018 Update on Webster Attack 

4/12/2018 Crime Alert, Community Meeting – Open Space or Density, OEMC Private Camera Security Initiative

4/6/2018 My Vote on Car 2 Go

3/29/2018 City Council Acts on Gun Violence, Privacy Protection for Condo Owners, Community Meetings, Street Sweeping Begins. 

3/23/2018 March For Our Lives – A Boost for the North Branch Park

3/20/2018 It’s Election Day, Please Vote! 

3/16/2018 A Real Park on the River, St. Patrick’s, March for Our Lives

3/5/2018 More Police Officers, Early Voting Begins, Office Closure, Pulaski Day

2/27/2018 Critical Votes in Springfield Today and Tomorrow on Anti-Gun Violence Laws

2/23/2018 Congratulations Oz Park, Adam’s Park Renovation Meeting, LPHS World Class Students

2/15/2018 Commander Bauer Candlelight Vigil

2/14/2018 Tragic Loss of Commander Bauer, Juvenile Crime Statistics

2/8/2018 Weather Alert: Chicago Public Schools Closed Tomorrow; Will Reopen Monday

2/5/2018 Carjacking Task Force, Property Tax Exemption Assistance, Free Museum Days

2/2/2018 Divvy Bike Crime; Task Force

1/25/2018 Community Alert – Crime must have consequences. 

1/24/2018 What can my Community Group do for me?

1/22/2018 Sedgwick Crime Alert, Women’s March Wrap Up

1/19/2018 Women’s March, City Council Report 

1/10/2018 2017 Year in Review, Part 2

1/7/2018  Corrected Recycling Schedule, Women’s March, Property Tax Appeals

1/3/2018  2017 Year in Review

12/20/2017  Pre-Paying Your Property Tax, Holiday Hours, Services Meet, and Meet and Treat! 

12/14/2017  End Year “To do” List, Meet and Treat! Holiday Safety

12/5/2017  Zoo Lights Traffic Improvements

11/30/2017  My Budget Vote

11/25/2017  Holiday Events and Shopping at Armitage / Halsted! 

11/21/2017  Extended Street Sweeping Until December 8th! 

11/9/2017  Budget Update #4 and Upcoming Community Meetings

11/3/2017 City Budget Part 3

10/26/2017 Gas Leak on North Avenue

10/25/2017 City Budget Hearing Continues

10/18/2017 Budget Preview 2 – Police Accountability

10/12/2017 Inaugural LPHS Homecoming Parade

10/6/2017 Columbus Day Office Closure

10/5/2017 Industrial Corridor Development Update

9/19/2017 Year of Public Art

9/14/2017 City Budget Preview: Part 1

9/8/2017 City Council Update & Annual Shredding Event This Weekend

8/31/2017 Update on CPS Funding & Office Hours for Labor Day

8/24/2017 LSD Noise Pollution

8/23/2017 Lincoln Avenue Closure August 23 – August 25

8/18/2017 Crime During Morning Commute

8/16/2017 Airbnb Regulation Coming Online

8/9/2017 Community Meeting Re: 2154 N Halsted Street

8/4/2017 Safety Alert – Garage Burglaries

8/3/2017 Parkland Petition; new mains and lights

7/28/2017 Community Meeting for Parson’s Chicken and Fish

7/28/2017 North Branch Industrial Corridor Recap

7/26/2017 Progress of the North Branch Ordinance 

7/21/2017 North Branch Ordinance Goes to City Council

7/18/2017 Safety Alert – Attempted Luring 

7/11/2017 North Branch Meeting Tonight 5 – 7 PM at 909 W. Armitage 

7/10/2017 July 11 North Branch Mtg Reminder

6/29/2017 July 11 North Branch Meeting

6/28/2017 Safety Alert – Recurring Car Theft Scam

6/23/2017  Community Alert & Cummings Playground

6/16/2017 Neighborhood Updates and Events

6/8/17 Progress on Crime 

6/5/17 Condo and Townhouse Summit Reminder

6/1/17 Kick Off the Summer & Ward City Sticker Sale Next Week!

5/30/17 Reminder: Community Meeting 61-65 E Banks Street Tonight!

5/24/17 18 District Community Alert & Office Closure for Memorial Day

5/19/17 Community Calls for Park

5/17/17 Call to Action for Open Space & Lakefront Trail Closure

5/12/17 Community Meeting Re: Deli Boutique Clark St Zoning Change

5/9/17 Special Report: Final North Branch Report

5/5/17 Joint Statement on Open Space

4/28/17 18th District Community Alert – Update & More Calls for Open Space

4/21/17 Growing Demand for Recreation at North Branch Industrial Corridor

4/14/17 Easter and Earth Day Happenings

4/13/17 Special Report: Public Safety Meeting and Survey Recap

4/6/17 North Branch Industrial Corridor Public Comment Period & 18th District Community Alert

3/29/17 19th District Community Alert and LPCC safety meetings

3/17/17 Final Public Safety Forum and 19th District Community Alert – Motor Vehicle Thefts 

3/12/17 Community Alert: Orchard Street Sexual Assault

3/10/17 Public Safety Survey and Save the Date

3/8/17 Public Safety Survey

2/28/17 Industrial Corridor Park Push Continues & Pulaski Day Office Closure

2/16/17 Save the Date Public Safety Meetings

2/9/17 Alert: Cortland Street Bridge Closure

2/9/17 Final North Branch Industrial Corridor Meeting Announced

2/1/17 Like My New Facebook Page & Plastic Bag Tax Begins

1/23/17 Women’s March & Human Rights Resolution

1/20/17 Meet and Greet Event & Savor Lincoln Park 2017

1/12/17 Office Closure for MLK Day

1/9/17 Reminder: Shared Cost Sidewalk Program Opens and Office Closure for MLK Day

1/6/17 Parks in the Reimagined Clybourn Corridor

2016 Year In Review

12/21/16 Holiday Office Closures & #11 Lincoln Ave. Bus Pilot Program Extended

12/16/16 Snow and Cold Update

12/13/16 Two Important Public Meetings & Winter Weather Tips

12/7/16 Make Your Voice Heard on Open Space at North Branch Industrial Corridor

11/30/16 Community Meeting Re: 1720 & 1818 North Halsted Street; Property Tax Rebate Extended

11/23/16 Community Alert; Community Meetings; Thanksgiving Office Closure

11/17/16 Clark/Diversey and Lincoln Avenue Corridor Community Meetings

11/10/16 $20 Million for LPHS

11/7/16 Early Voting Ends Today

11/3/16 Cubs Parade and LPHS Announcement

10/28/16 Cubs Parking Restrictions

10/25/16 Halloween Special Edition 2016

10/24/16 City Budget Update

10/21/16 Open Space Needs at PMD & Open House at LPHS

10/13/16 Schools Update & City Budget Proposed

10/7/16 Strike Update

10/6/16 Chicago Marathon Street Closures & 43rd Ward Flu Clinic

9/29/16 Chicago Property Tax Rebate Update & Early Voting Begins Today 

9/22/16 Transit TIF Statement and Condo Summit Presentations

9/16/16 Call for More Police

9/14/16 19th District Arrests; 18th District Alert

9/12/16 Reminder Condo Summit

9/8/16 Lakeview Avenue Row House District Landmark Designation

9/2/16 Labor Day Office Closure & Cummings Park Playlot Designs

8/31/16 19th District Community Alert & Labor Day Office Closure

8/25/16 Save the Date Condo Summit

8/18/16 Community Meeting re: 441-447 W Arlington Place & Air and Water Show

8/10/16 Community Meeting re: 441-447 W Arlington Place

8/1/16 Updated STR Form, Community Alerts

7/21/16 Airbnb form; rebate passes

7/14/16 North Pond Nature Sanctuary and Sunshine Playlot Open House

6/28/16 July 4th Holiday Happenings

6/27/16 Boil Water Advisory

6/24/16 STR Ordinance Passes; Bissell St

6/20/16 Short Term Rental Update/Park West Co-op Mtg

6/15/16 #11 Lincoln Ave Bus is Back!

6/10/16 Old Town Art Fair THIS Weekend

6/3/16 Privet Playlot Survey

5/26/16 Stand Up for Our Kids

5/24/16 Public Opinion on Short Term Rentals 

5/22/16 CORRECTION: Important City Sticker Changes 

5/20/16 City Sticker Changes 

5/19/16 STR vote delayed

5/16/16 Critical Public Hearing on STRs Tomorrow 

5/13/16 STRs In Your Neighborhood

5/12/16 Privet Park Playlot Redesign Meeting

5/5/16 Absenteeism Task Force Findings Released

4/29/16 18th & 19th DISTRICT CPD ALERTS

4/29/16 Green Issue

4/26/16 Fullerton Ave Streetscape Improvements

4/23/16 Sedgwick Burglary Suspect

4/19/16 Bauler Park Playlot Improvements

4/15/16 Absenteeism Report Released

4/12/16 Citywide Rodent Task Force

4/6/16 Waste Pick-Up Change

3/31/16 CPS Strike Contingency Sites

3/29/16 CPD Alert: Armed Robbery Suspect

3/24/16 Happy Easter!

3/24/16 Lake Shore Revetment Project Update

3/18/16 Lincoln Centre Pre-construction Meeting

3/15/16 Election Day March 15, 2016

3/9/16 Ward 43 News & Events

3/4/16 CAPS Sector Beat Meeting

2/29/16 Early Voting in the 43rd Ward

2/23/16 Pre-Construction Meeting for Former Children’s Memorial Hospital Site

2/19/16 High Wind Advisory

2/18/16 Early Voting Begins

2/11/16 Happy Presidents’ Day

2/10/16 Two Votes Short

2/3/16 More School Events

2015 Year In Review

1/19/16 City Council Wrap Up

1/15/16 Community News & Events

1/12/16 A Public Vote for the Public Good

1/6/16  New Lincoln Park High School Field

12/21/15 Condo Refuse Rebates Recycling Changes 

12/15/15 Aldermanic Ethics Reform: Moving Ahead or Stymied?

12/14/15 Community Alert: Robberies in the 43rd Ward

12/10/15 601 W. Diversey

12/6/15 General Iron

12/3/15 Holiday Issue

12/2/15 UPDATE: Community Alert – Burglaries

11/24/15 Shop Local in the 43rd Ward and Join Me for a Treat

11/20/15 #11 Bus Will Return! City Council Wrap-Up

11/18/15 Burglary community alert; LIG ordinance

11/10/15 Public Presentation for 2720 N. Clark and Wells Street Resurfaced

11/6/15 Stockton Drive Resurfaced and “Dickie” Harris Way Dedication!

10/30/15 Happy Halloween! And Charges Upgraded in Halsted Shooting

10/28/15 My Budget Vote – and Protecting our Homeowners

10/23/15 Budget Update #4 – Pensions: The Heart of the Crisis

10/22/15 Lincoln Park High School Rally – and many other events

10/19/15 Halloween Activities in the Neighborhood!

10/16/15 Rally for Lincoln Park High School

10/13/15 Community Update: Halsted Street Firearms Case

10/13/15 Budget Update #3- Making the City Cost-Efficient

10/9/15 TODAY: In-Office Property Tax Assistance

10/7/2015 Chicago Marathon Street Closures; 43rd Ward Property Tax Assistance 

10/01/2015 LaSalle Language Academy Awarded National Blue Ribbon; Paint LPHS this Saturday

09/29/2015 Budget Update #2: Proposing Relief for Longtime Homeowners

09/25/2015 Community Alert: Car Tire Thefts; Property Tax Seminar 

09/24/2015 Public Presentation: 601 W. Diversey

09/20/2016 Upcoming Mayoral Budget Address

09/18/2016 Property Tax Seminar; CTA Weekend Work; Diversey Sewer Replacement

09/16/2015 Public Presentation: 2720 N. Clark; Street Resurfacing; #1school1community Update

09/11/2015: Cutting the Ribbon at the Lincoln Annex

9/04/2015: Community Alert: Public Indecency on 1900 Block of Bissell 

9/03/2015 Update: Community Public Safety Seminar 

8/31/2015 Reminder: Community Public Safety Seminar

8/26/2015 Sept. 1: Community Public Safety Seminar

8/21/2015 Criminal Sexual Assaults: Suspect Arrested

8/20/2015 Update: Criminal Sexual Assaults Reported

08/20/2015 Community Alert: Sexual Assault on 900 Block of Belden

8/20/2015 Traffic Improvements at the Cortland Street Bridge

08/13/2015 #1School1Community Update; Air and Water Show

08/05/2015 Oz Park Playground Improvements; City Council Update

07/30/2015 #1School1Community

07/23/2015 Development Update: 523 W. Diversey and Lincoln Centre

07/16/2015 Advocating for a Solution to CPS’ Budget Deficit; Property Tax Help

07/08/2015  Council Financial Analyst Appointed; Geja’s Cafe Celebrates Fifty Years

07/01/2015 Lincoln Centre Community Update

06/24/2015 City Council Update: Steps towards Fiscal Responsibility; Police Meetings

06/17/2015 Court Updates; Chicago Bike Week & Bike Safety

06/09/2015  Congrats to the Class of 2015; Court Advocates Needed for Halsted Street Robber

06/04/2015 Halsted Robberies: Suspected Arrested and Charged

06/02/2015 Summer Safety Alert / In-Ward City Sticker Sale this Friday at DePaul

05/29/2015 Lincoln Centre Update; Street Closures

05/21/2015 Community Alert: Child Luring; Lincoln Centre Community Meeting

05/15/2015 Volunteer to Help our Neighborhood; Ward Office Closed Monday, May 18th

05/13/2015 Inaugural Weekend; Brown Line Construction; Bike Registration

05/05/2015 Crime Alert; Lincoln Ave SSA Meeting

04/30/2015 Community Burglary Alert; LPHS Ranked as  City’s; Most Challenging High School

04/22/2015 Community Alert: Intersection of Grant and Cleveland

04/21/2015 City Council Update; Welcoming New Police Leadership

04/17/2015 Ward Office Temporarily Relocated; Property Tax Appeals

04/06/2015 Voter Information for Run-Off Election

03/31/2015 Street Sweeping Begins April 1

03/25/2015 Council Update: Field of Dreams, Obama Library, Ethics Reform

03/10/2015 Court Ruling Upholds Lincoln Elementary Annex

03/08/2015 Home Invasion: Suspect Arrested and Charged

03/04/2015 Voter Information for Run-Off Election For Mayor and Alderman

02/27/2015 Cortland Street Closed March 3 – 6; Ward Office Closed Monday, March 2

02/24/2015 Find your Polling Place; Winter Street Repairs

02/19/2015 Cold Alert – Chicago Public Schools Closed Thursday, February 19th

02/18/2015 Welcoming New 43rd Ward Businesses

02/10/2014 Fighting Crime in the 43rd Ward

02/05/2015 Sun-Times Endorses Ald. Smith’s Ethics Ordinance

02/02/2015 CPS Classes Resume and Snow Removal Update

02/01/2015 Snow Advisory Update:  Schools Closed Tomorrow

02/01/2015 Snow Alert

01/27/2015 Lincoln Elementary Annex Construction Update

01/23/2015 New Ordinance to Fight Rodents

01/16/2015 Ward Office Closed Monday; Whole Foods Hiring

01/12/2015 2014: Year in Review

01/06/2015 Cold Alert: Public Schools Closed Wednesday

12/30/2014 Holiday Office Closures; Christmas Tree Recycling; Condo Rebates Due

12/23/2014 Holiday Office Closures; Last Minute Shopping

12/16/2014 Warm Up at Local Restaurants; Lincoln Ave. Resurfaced

12/11/2014 Community Presentation: 601 W. Diversey

12/09/2014 43rd Ward Schools Rated Higher; Property Tax Appeals Update

12/02/2014 My Vote on the Minimum Wage

11/25/2014 Chicago 2015 Budget Approved; Thanksgiving Day Closures; Shopping Updates

11/20/2014 Full Funding for Alcott Field; Restore #11 Lincoln Bus; Stolen Items Recovered 

11/14/2014 Lincoln Park Schools Top Ranked; Dog Registration Update

11/06/2014 43rd Ward Flu Shot Walk-in Clinic

11/04/2014 Election Day is Today! City Budget Hearings Continue

10/30/2014 Halloween Safety; Early Voting Ends Saturday, Nov. 1; Check your Polling Place

10/28/2014 Check your Polling Place; Grants Awarded to Cultural Center and Alcott Elementary

10/22/2014 Grant Secured for Alcott Field of Dreams!

10/21/2014  City of Chicago Budget Hearings; Early Voting Begins; City Leaf Collection

10/14/2014 City of Chicago 2015 Budget; Fullerton Shoreline Revitalization

10/10/2014 Chicago Marathon Street Closures

10/07/2014 Chicago Marathon Street Closures; Stockton Pedestrian Underpass Restoration

9/30/2014 Choose Chicago Features Lincoln Park; Lincoln Avenue to be Resurfaced

9/23/2014 New 43rd Ward Restaurants; Diversey Water Main Completion

9/17/2014 Inspector General Update; Goudy Park Re-Opening

9/10/2014 43rd Ward in the News; Property Tax Appeals Open

9/04/2014 Vacant Storefront Victory; 523 W. Diversey Presentation

8/28/2014 End of Summer Fun

8/21/2014 Vacant Storefront Hearing; Another Victory for Condo Buildings

8/13/2014 Air and Water Show; Solar Chicago

8/06/2014 City Council Update

7/21/2014 Lincoln Elementary Meeting; State Parkway Resurfaced

7/18/2014 Roll Call Update; More Streets Resurfaced

7/16/2014 Reminder:19th District Police Roll Call

7/11/2014 Community Alert: Armed Robbery Update

7/11/2104 Community Alert: Robbery at Mildred and Wrightwood

7/10/2014 Vacant Storefront Filled; Burling and Stockton Resurfaced

7/01/2014 Council Update and Fire Department Training at CMH

6/28/2014 Alert: Pride Parade Street Closures

6/26/2014 Lakeview Resurfaced and Pride Parade Street Closures

6/23/2014 A New Police Effort on Homelessness and Another Threat for Condo Owners

6/12/2014 Pension Reform Update; Mildred and Wilton Resurfaced

6/04/2014 Sprinkler Mandate Victory! And Street Resurfacing Begins

5/30/2014 Vacant Storefront Follow Up and City Sticker Day

5/23/2014 Lake Shore Drive Closures Occurring Now

5/20/2014 Fighting Back Against Empty Storefronts

5/12/2014 More on Sprinklers, and City Sticker Sales

4/30/2014 Love our Local Playgrounds

4/22/2014 Lincoln Elementary Meeting & Patent Trolls

4/10/2014 Upcoming Informational Meeting – Lincoln Elementary Annex

4/02/2014 Down Zoning and Street Sweeping Notices

3/27/2014 Springfield Victory in Sprinkler Debate

3/25/2014 Sprinkler Mandate Again

3/18/2014 Pot Holes Fixed!

3/10/2014 Water Main Repairs

2/24/2014 Personal Safety Meeting and Court Advocacy

2/17/2014 Children’s Memorial Hospital Plans Finalized

2/03/2014 Children’s Memorial Hospital Plan Status Update

1/27/2014 Conceal and Carry

1/17/2014 Children’s Memorial Update

1/13/2014 Children’s Memorial Community Meeting Reminder

1/08/2014 Children’s Meeting Reminder & Traffic Study

1/07/2014 1824 BEAT Meeting Cancelled & Chicago Public Schools Open

1/06/2014 Cold Alert – Schools Closed Again

1/05/2014 Cold Alert – Schools Closed


12/30/2013 New Year’s To Do List

12/19/2013 Revised Plans for Children’s Memorial Site Released

12/11/2013 The Council Office for Financial Analysis Passes City Council

12/05/2013 Holiday Happenings in the 43rd Ward

12/02/2013 43rd Ward Annual Holiday Potluck TONIGHT

11/25/2013 CMH Redevelopment Community Mtg Change and Potluck

11/18/2013 CMH Redevelopment Community Mtg

11/11/2013 New Addition to Lincoln Elementary To Be Built on Current School Site

11/08/2013 One Step Closer to Fiscal Responsibility

10/24/2013 Chicago IS Ready for Reform

10/22/2013 Halloween in the 43rd Ward

10/17/2013 More Trees Growing in Lincoln Park

10/09/2013 A New Lincoln Park Landmark

10/02/2013 What’s a Woonerf

9/26/2013 Improving Public Safety on Clark Street

9/18/2013 Community Wants More Parking – And Gets It

9/11/2013 Neighborhood Festivals and Property Tax Appeals

9/04/2013 Lincoln Park Schools Start the Year Off Strong!

8/27/2013 Two Court Advocacy Victories

8/20/2013 Fullerton Shoreline Redevelopment, Healthcare for Small Businesses

8/13/2013 It’s Not Just a Bike Theft

8/07/2013 Important Upcoming Community Meetings

8/02/2013 State Fire Marshal Withdraws Proposed Sprinkler Regulations

7/29/2013 Take a Stand Against the Proposed Sprinkler Rules

7/24/2013 Significant City Council Legislation – Guns and Billboards

7/17/2013 State Fire Marshal Demands Onerous New Requirements on Homes

7/10/2013 Sign Up for Divvy Bike Share and Bike Safely with your Kids this Sunday

7/02/2013 Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July

6/26/2013 More Great News For Our Schools

6/20/2013 Historic Home Renovations

6/12/2013 Raising Babies in Lincoln Park

6/06/2013 Why I Voted ‘No’ to Changes to the Parking Meter Deal

5/30/2013 Lincoln Avenue LIVE and Sign Up for Divvy Now

5/23/2013 It’s Easier Than Ever To Get Around The 43rd Ward

5/14/2013 Green Your Yard, Green Your Wallet!

5/10/2013 Ward Offices Unable To Sell Parking Passes Next Week

5/08/2013 It’s All About the Schools

5/01/2013 New Grocer Coming to LP Hospital Site

4/25/2013 Lock Your Door Campaign

4/20/2013 Walk Your Block with Us

4/17/2013 43rd Ward Anti-Crime Meeting TONIGHT

4/11/2013 The Paul Douglas Alliance and Anti-Crime Meeting Reminder

4/04/2013 43rd Ward Anti-Crime Meeting

3/27/2013 Upcoming Community Meetings

3/18/2013 Do Not Stand Idly By – Make a Call to Stop Gun Violence

3/14/2013 Armitage Is Back!

3/06/2013 Remembering Dawn Clark Netsch

2/28/2013 CTA Reroutes and Blue Cart Recycling in the Entire 43rd Ward

2/21/2013 City Council Update

2/12/2013 My Personal Lincoln

2/07/2013 New Businesses Flock to Lincoln Park

1/29/2013 Property Tax Workshop and Senior Exemptions

1/24/2013 Its Time To Get Serious About Gun Control

1/03/2013 Happy New Year 


12/20/2012 Exclusive Pension Op-Ed from Governor Quinn

12/13/2012 LPHS Becomes Wall-To-Wall IB and Fullerton Bridge Completed

12/06/2012 It’s Time to Get Ready For Winter

11/30/2012 Come to the 43rd Ward Annual Holiday Potluck!

11/28/2012 Pension Part III: Another Liability

11/20/2012 Happy Thanksgiving!

11/16/2012 The City Budget

11/05/2012 Vote!

11/01/2012 Menu Update and Infrastructure Improvements

10/22/2012 County and City Pension Town Hall Mtg. and Halloween in the 43rd Ward

10/16/2012 Budget Hearings Start Today

10/04/2012 It’s Time for Pension Reform

9/25/2012 Supporting Local Business in the 43rd Ward

9/16/2012 Teachers Still on Strike; Contingency Plan Expands to Include On-line Courses

9/12/2012 43rd Ward Garbage Now Picked Up Tuesdays

9/10/2012 School Strike Contingency Plans Updates

9/07/2012 School Strike Contingency Plans

9/01/2012 Avoid These Streets!

8/30/2012 Stay Safe This Labor Day Weekend

8/23/2012 It’s Time to Fix the Problem with Pensions

8/16/2012 Air and Water Show This Weekend

8/15/2012 Statement on the Current Proposal for Children’s Memorial Hospital

8/01/2012 CMH Next Steps

7/25/2012 Two Important Meetings: CMH and Safety

7/20/2012 Children’s Memorial Hospital Redevelopment Community Meeting

7/18/2012 Crime Alert and Other Safety News

7/11/2012 CMH Redevelopment Town Hall Meeting

7/02/2012 Celebrate the 4th of July With Me at the History Museum

6/27/2012 Power Outage Update 2

6/27/2012 Power Outage Update

6/27/2012 Stay Safe this Summer

6/26/2012 There’s Lots of Green Week Left!

6/22/2012 Green Week is Here!

6/19/2012 Time Is Running Out..

6/13/2012 Green Your Home and Your Ride

6/08/2012 CMH Move: Additional IMPORTANT Information

6/08/2012 CMH Move Update: No Parking on Fullerton/Larrabee/Orchard Saturday

6/05/2012 CMH This Weekend, Festivals, and More

5/30/2012 In Lincoln Park: “the Whole World is Watching” and City Stick Day

5/29/2012 Emergency Traffic/CTA Alert!

5/24/2012 One Year Anniversay

5/15/2012 NATO Summit Briefing

5/09/2012 Ward Walkabout Results and City Sticker Sales

5/01/2012 Join Me For Dinner– Tonight, On Clark Street

4/25/2012 Infrastructure Ordinance and Speed Camera Votes

4/18/2012 Green Week Meeting and Artrageous

4/10/2012  Speed Cameras – What do YOU think?

4/05/2012 Liquor Licenses Explained and Ward Events

3/28/2012 Final Ward Walkabouts Reminder

3/21/2012 Announcing Our New Street Sweeping Alerts

3/14/2012 From the Most Local to the International

3/07/2012 Fullerton Bridge Construction and Join the 43rd Ward Green Team

3/06/2012 Support Your Local Schools!

2/22/2012 Breaking News on Choice, Your Community, and Your Old Computers

2/13/2012 My Personal Lincoln – Lincoln and Decision Making

2/06/2012 Support Your Local Schools!

1/30/2012 Final Call for Condo Rebates!

1/24/2012 News Around the Ward

1/19/2012 Lincoln Park Restored

1/17/2012 Keep Your Voice Heard on the City Remap

1/12/2012 Community Shows Overwhelming Opposition to Proposed Remap

1/11/2012 Change of Venue!

1/10/2012 Community Turnout Overwhelms Remap Hearing

1/07/2012 43rd Ward Bounds in Jeopardy

1/04/2012 Remap Hearing Date


12/28/2011 It’s a New Year!

12/21/2011 Good News About Our Schools

12/15/2011 Special Report on Lincoln Elementary and LaSalle Language Academy

12/12/2011 Important Public Meetings

12/08/2011 Remap Hearing Date

11/30/2011 Holiday Open House and Pot Luck

11/28/2011 Happy Thanksgiving!

11/16/2011 Condominium Refuse Rebate Rest0red

11/10/2011 The City Budget- Some Key Priorities and Issues

10/31/2011 Final LPH Development Zoning Committee Meeting

10/26/2011 We Are Moving!

10/18/2011 Property Taxes

10/18/2011 First Step in Children’s Memorial Redevelopment

10/17/2011 Lincoln Park Hospital Zoning Committee Meeting Rescheduled

10/05/2011 Internet Boot Camp For Your Business

09/13/2011 Community Fights Crime

09/07/2011 Oz Park Hoops Are Back Up

09/06/2011 Town Hall Meeting for Children’s Memorial Hospital Development

08/26/2011 North Avenue Update

08/22/2011 Settlement at Lincoln Park Hospital Site Reached

08/19/2011 Children’s Memorial Hospital Statement

08/17/2011 Safer Cycling

08/09/2011 North Avenue is Being Repaved!

08/04/2011 Concrete Results on Inner LSD

07/29/2011 Alderman Smith for Clean Power and Small Business

07/26/2011 Water Logged

07/21/2011 Lincoln Park Hospital Downzoning Ordinance Deferred

07/19/2011 Heat Alert!

07/19/2011 Emergen-trees!

07/12/2011 Water, Water Everywhere

07/01/2011 Community Alert

06/27/2011 Public Safety

06/07/2011 Get Your Annual City Parking Stickers and Party!

05/18/2011 We’re Getting Started

05/12/2011 Ward Office News