Proposed Redevelopment of the Second Church of Christ, Scientist located at 2700 N. Pine Grove Ave

The Church was built in 1901, and the costs associated with maintaining the building have escalated to the point where it is no longer financially feasible for the Congregation to own and remain the sole occupant of the property.   A Developer under purchase contract is proposing to renovate the existing building and retain the three principal elevations, while erecting a new 7- story tall structure containing 26 residential units and 30 parking spaces. The Congregation will remain in the building, with access from its current entrance on Wrightwood Avenue.
The site was initially comprised of a mixture of R-6 and RM-5 parcels, and in 2018 Ald. Smith passed an ordinance to rezone the entire property as RM-5 to clear up any confusion about the underlying zoning designation that would affect new development proposals.
The developer now seeks a zoning amendment back to RM-6 to allow for the construction of the new structure as described above.
Thank you to all who attended our virtual community meeting on August 5, 2020. Please review the church’s presentation here.
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