Street Sweeping & Other Services

Each ward has a Ward Superintendent responsible for coordinating street sweeping and other Streets and Sanitation services. The 43rd Ward’s Superintendent works closely with Alderman Knudsen and his staff to ensure these services are delivered in an efficient manner. In addition to street sweeping, Superintendent Martin Casey oversees Garbage CollectionRodent Control, Recycling, and Snow Shoveling and Removal.


43rd Ward Street Sweeping Schedule:

2024 Complete Street Sweeping

Search your address here to see when your street will be swept next.


Snow Shoveling and Removal 

Once on the roadways, trucks patrol, plow, and salt the city’s streets. When the arterial streets are deemed safe for travel during or after a snowfall, the City’s salt trucks are dispatched to secondary and residential streets for salting and plowing operations.  Streets with hospitals and schools are given higher priority. This work continues until all city streets have been treated.

When temperatures fall into the teens, the trucks often spray our road salt with calcium chloride to make the salt work more effectively at lower temperatures. The Department of Streets and Sanitation also frequently uses environmentally friendly deicers composed of salt water, sugar beet byproducts, and calcium chloride. When time and breaks in the weather permits, they will apply this pretreatment to our bridge decks and overpasses to slow down the formation of ice on driving surfaces.

During snowstorms, the Department of Streets and Sanitation also has the capacity to equip between 150 and 200 garbage trucks with “quick hitch” plows to supplement the fleet. Because these trucks don’t have the salt-spreading capability, they are run in tandem with trucks that do.

The City of Chicago does not plow alleys.

The Chicago Snow Corps is a program that connects volunteers with residents– such as seniors and residents with disabilities – in need of snow removal.  To request a volunteer to shovel your sidewalk or block in case of extreme snowfall, call 311, submit an online Service Request or contact our office.


Winter Snow Parking Restrictions

In order to ensure that the most critical roadways in Chicago are kept open to full capacity at all times, the City of Chicago instituted and vigorously enforces a Winter Overnight Parking Ban on 107 miles of vital arterial streets from 3 am to 7 am between December 1st and April 1st, regardless of snow.  

Motorists who ignore this permanently posted seasonal tow zone face a $150 towing fee (minimum) in addition to a $60 ticket and an initial $25 daily storage fee.

A separate snow-related parking ban exists for another 500 miles of main streets and can be activated after there are at least two inches of snow on the street, no matter the time of day or the calendar date. While the 2” inch snow ban is not activated often, motorists who are parked there when it snows could receive a ticket or find that their vehicle has been relocated in order to facilitate snow-clearing operations.