Office Closure & Guest Pass Sales

Dear Neighbors of the 43rd Ward,

Our office is currently closed as we prepare for reopening with appropriate protocols related to phase guidelines for government offices.

Here’s some general information about the Guest Parking Passes:

  • There are 15 stickers per sheet
  • You can purchase 3 sheets every 30 days
  • Each sheet is 8 dollars

Here are the steps you’ll have to follow to get your customer code:

  1. Take a picture (with your phone is fine) of your I.D (passport, drivers license, etc.)
  2. Take a picture or obtain a digital copy of your Lease, Mortgage, or Utility Bill
  3. Send all of this information to; you can put in the subject line: Request Customer Code

It takes anywhere between 24 to 72 hours to complete. Once you’ve received your customer code you can purchase online or *in person at the City Clerk’s office (121 N LaSalle or 5430 W Gale St).


If you’ve already applied for a customer code you can find that in your email, or on a sheet of old parking passes in the lower right-hand corner.

*Please note that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are recommending that everyone purchase parking passes online.

If you need more detailed information that walks you through the purchasing process online step by step, you can access that packet here


Where can I purchase my City Sticker? 

You can purchase your city sticker at the City Clerk’s office at 121 N LaSalle or 5430 W Gale St. or you can purchase them online at their website.

I have my Customer Code but am still struggling to purchase online.

Customer Codes do expire! If you have an IL Driver’s License then your customer code will expire when your license does; if you do not have an IL Driver’s License (or did not use your IL Driver’s License as your proof of I.D) then your customer code expires every year on the date it was created.

My Customer Code seems to be expired, who do I contact to fix that?

You’ll need to contact the City Clerk’s office at with an updated proof of residency (lease, mortgage statement, utility bill). You’ll want to include your customer code number in that email.

When will there be ticket and tow enforcement?

There will be ticket and tow enforcement beginning July 16th.

If you’re having repeated trouble making purchases online, please CC our office at so we can be your advocate with the City Clerk’s office. You can also call us at 773-348-9500 or the City Clerk’s office at 312-744-6770. 

Let us know if you have any more questions!