Wild Hare Update


Two important updates regarding business licenses for which the Wild Hare has applied.

On June 12, 2012, Commissioner Rosemary Krimbel of the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection denied a Public Place of Amusement license to the Wild Hare. A link to Commissioner Krimbel’s order and Deputy Hearing Commissioner Raymond Prosser’s supporting findings of fact is posted on our website at Order Denying Wild Hare PPA .


Now that the PPA application has been denied, the Wild Hare has three options. First, the Wild Hare may file an appeal of this denial with the Circuit Court of Cook County. The Wild Hare must prove that the findings at the hearing opposing the Wild Hare were against the manifest weight of the evidence presented. If the Wild Hare were to win the appeal, the PPA could ultimately be issued.  Second, the Wild Hare may elect not to appeal, in which case they would be electing not to have any kind of amusement at 2610 N. Halsted. Third, the Wild Hare may reapply at some future date for a PPA license; however, according to Local Liquor Control Commissioner Greg Steadman, the petitions previously filed by the community would still be considered valid, and the Wild Hare would be required to present their case at another hearing. We will of course let you know when we have heard which option the Wild Hare intends to pursue.


The second update pertains to the Wild Hare’s application for a tavern license, which was initially denied on the grounds that the issuance of this license would create a deleterious impact on the community. The Wild Hare could have appealed that denial directly to the License Appeal Commission, a state-appointed body. If such an appeal were successful, a tavern license could be issued to the Wild Hare without any constraints on their operation. Instead, in response to us and our community’s concerns, the Wild Hare elected to submit a “plan of operation” shortly after being denied by the LLCC, an option provided to them in their initial denial letter. Should the Wild Hare elect to open as a tavern only, that plan of operation addresses concerns from the surrounding community such as exterior security, noise and garbage disposal. Failure to comply with this plan of operation can potentially result in revocation of their tavern license. The Wild Hare’s plan of operation has been approved by Commissioner Steadman. I have pasted a copy of the plan to my website at Wild Hare Plan of Operation. This approach represents the best of both worlds, allowing for the creation of vibrant businesses in Lincoln Park while addressing the fact that the increasingly residential character of our neighborhood requires higher accountability on the part of this business.


If you have any comments or concerns on the information above, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (773) 348-9500 or email us at yourvoice@ward43.org.