1754 N Clark Street / Hermon Baptist Church Redevelopment

A non-profit entity, the Gus Giordano Dance Company, seeks approvals to redevelop the existing church into a four (4) story dance studio containing ground level retail, administrative offices and two levels of dance studios for practice use.  The existing zoning of the parcel is RM-5, and to accommodate the dance studio the applicant seeks a re-zone of the site to a B3-5 designation to comply with the zoning code.  While the current church structure is not a historic landmark, nor is it located within a landmark district, the applicant has opted to preserve the façade of the structure and incorporate it into the new building’s design.

As this parcel is located within the boundaries of the Lakefront Protection District, it will first seek the requisite zoning change per the Committee on Zoning before appearing before the Chicago Plan Commission as part of their Lakefront Protection District application.

November 16th, 2017 Community Meeting Presentation

1754 N Clark Community Agreement