2658 – 2670 North Lincoln

The parcel located at 2658 – 2670 North Lincoln Avenue seeks is currently the site of the Lincoln Park Gas Station as well as a vacant structure to the south of the gas station, and the development proposal seeks approvals for a four (4) story mixed-use building containing 36 residential units, 19 parking stalls and 2,240 square feet of ground-level commercial space that would front onto Lincoln Avenue.  In addition, the proposal calls for residential “duplex” units on Seminary Street.

Given this proposal falls within a transit-served location, it allows for reduced parking under Transit Oriented Development (T.O.D.) guidelines, and given the proposed development would merge two (2) parcels into a single structure, they seek a zoning change from the current B3-2 designation to a B3-3 designation.

The below presentation is the second iteration for a development proposal at this location, following denials issued in 2017 for a mixed-use structure containing 45 residential units, 17 parking stalls and 6,500 square feet of ground level commercial space that would front onto both Lincoln Avenue and Seminary Street.

 April 3rd, 2018 Community Presentation