521-523 W. Diversey Parkway / 2751-2753 N. Hampden Court

Please see the below links to review the April 2017 redevelopment proposal(s).  Each link provides an overview of the proposed redevelopment of the former Market Place Grocery Store (521-523 W. Diversey Parkway) and the former parking lot (2751 – 2753 N Hampden Court). As this site falls within the boundaries of the Lakefront Protection District, the proposal will proceed to the Chicago Plan Commission for the mandatory review of the project, per the guidelines established by the Lakefront Protection Ordinance. This project was otherwise built as-of-right.

Click here to view the redevelopment proposal for 521-523 W. Diversey.

Click here to view the redevelopment proposal for 2751-2753 N. Hampden Court

2014 Proposed Redevelopment of 511-523 W. Diversey Parkway / 2753-2773 N. Hampden Court – Denied July 2015

Click here to view the September 8, 2014 public presentation for the proposed redevelopment of 511 – 523 W. Diversey Parkway / 2753 – 2773 N. Hampden Court, currently the Market Place Foodstore.

Click here to view the traffic impact study for the proposed development.